The First Step

The most precious moment for a parent?

When your little one takes the first step. It's an emotional time when you witness your loved one taking the first step towards life, getting ready to walk on their journey. 

Of course, the little one will start exploring everything! Once on their feet, they will go anywhere to please their little curiosity! The first thing that comes to mind is to protect those precious little toes while selecting matching outfits! Can't wait to mix and match first walkers with the shoe collection you have right? 

(Now, we still recommend waiting on first walkers/baby shoes until initial months have passed. We highly encourage a minimum of 6 months before exploring first walkers.)

It's essential to know the evolving stages of your child's journey to walking:

1. Crawling

2. Cruising

3. Walking


In the Crawling stage, it is essential to keep your baby barefoot so that he can feel the ground and his feet will develop. You can buy crawling shoes which he can wear occasionally to adjust in shoes while moving freely. 

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The other stage is Cruising. It's essential to keep the floors clean around this stage as the effort to start exploring will begin. Always protect sharp edges on furniture to protect your loved one as they are supporting the bodyweight onto something. With continuous practice, your loved one will slowly adjust in standing upright. 

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Now it's time to think about the First Walkers! Finally, the moment we've been waiting for! In the beginning stages of walking, It's crucial to find highly reviewed first walkers for durability and safety. A well-fitted shoe will help the baby to walk comfortably.

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You can't keep track of how fast their little feet grow!  We always recommend checking sizes every 2 to 3 months. A simple guideline to keep is the length fitting of the toes. It is said that a little space should be there between toes and the front of the shoes and can impact height and posture. Another important thing to consider is that a child should always wear shoes with socks so that his feet will be more comfortable. Avoiding little soil from the toenails can be a great help in foot odor as well! Ensuring proper wear of first walkers, boots, sandals, etc is crucial! The shoe should fit around your baby's toe, ankle and heel, to ensure comfortability as well as enough room for the toes to stretch. 

In the beginning years of a child, the bones are soft and delicate so a well-fitted shoe is very essential for proper growth. Poor fitted or tight shoes will have adverse effects on the bones which can result in bad posture.

The shoes should also be of good quality, should be breathable and also we always recommend anti-slip baby shoes which can save the baby from slipping. They should be preferably made of leather cotton, or polyester (stretchy), should be breathable because baby's feet becomes more sweaty than adults which can cause infections. So when your baby starts walking properly, it is essential to provide proper shoes outside to avoid cuts, dirt, and bacteria.

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