Tips on purchasing Diaper Bags!

A must-have for every MOM! 

Diaper bags are life savers. You can carry multiple diapers, baby wet tissues, towels, feeders, formula, and on and on and on! Here are some collected tips to make sure you make the right choice! 


  1. Straps: There should be two types of straps attached to a diaper bag. One should be long enough so that you can easily carry on your shoulder. It should be adjustable. The other should be like handles which you can carry in your arms.
  2. Changing diaper pad: Most diaper bags come with changing diaper pad. It's a long thick plastic sheet which helps to lay your baby and you can change your baby's diaper if you cannot find washroom nearby and in your car as well.
  3. Extra pockets of diaper bag: Another important thing to consider is that a diaper bag should have enough pockets inside and outside the bag. Having a normal bag makes it difficult to take out any essential because things get mixed. Whereas having a diaper bag with lots of pockets makes it easier to take out anything and you can easily designate each pocket for your essentials like keys, cell phone, wallet and baby's accessories.
  4.  Size: The size of the diaper bag should also be good enough because a mother has to carry baby's essentials like formula milk, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizers and baby snacks as well. She can also share the bag by putting her essentials as well as it is easy and practical to carry one bag.
  5. The base of the bag: Having a curvy and normal base of the bag makes it difficult to take out things instantly and everything goes at the bottom of the bag. The base of the diaper bag should be flat and wide so that it can stand on its own and you can take out things easily and instantly when your baby becomes fussy and throw tantrums.


Extra features: Other features which a diaper bag includes is the baby's wipe holding pocket, these pockets are designated to keep the wipes handy and you can easily take it out from there. Other than that long insulated bag inside the diaper bag helps to keep the baby's milk bottle warm and safe, as the bag is zipped and you don't have to worry about the falling of the bottle.

So you might be wondering where to buy such diaper bags which would include all these features and the good news is you can find it on our website. Large Capacity Luxury Multifunction Nursing Bag is an all-in-one Diaper bag with multi-functional pockets, USB charging, formula pockets and more. And it's stylish as well. We always recommend a backpack style Diaper bag for comfort and longevity! It‘s features include:

  • USB charging 
  • Multiple pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

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