Baby Safe™ Milk Warmer
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Our BABYSAFE™ Milk Warmer is made from high quality heating liners with incredible designs!


Plan your next journey with your loved little one! Cold bottles? No problem!


Won't leave the house without it or your money back in 30 days.

Baby Safe™ Milk Warmer

Never worry about being on-the-go with your little baby when you have a USB bottle warmer bag with you! 

This insulated baby bottle bag has a USB connection that you can hook up to a power bank so that your babies bottle can be warmed up even when your not near a microwave. 

This travel bottle warmer battery operated device is exactly what you need when you leave the house with your nursing baby. 

Ultra-portable. With the USB cable detachable and the wrap fold-able, it’s so easy to stash in your pouch, pocket, bag or car glove box.

Best Holiday Gift 2019!

Warms up milk anytime, anywhere. With this device, you can always give your precious baby warm milk anywhere you go. This is especially helpful when you’re on travel and there is no warm water available. You can heat milk so your baby won’t have upset tummy from drinking a cold one.

Easy to use. Simply put the wrap around your baby’s milk bottle and connect the USB cable to your power bank. In just a few minutes, you’ll have warm, delicious milk ready to serve. Also works on your laptop or power sockets using an adapters.

I didn’t expect it will be this good... 

- Jordan Davis


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